How to Lead Someone to Christ

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How to Lead Someone to Christ

Knowing how to lead someone to Christ may seem like a no-brainer to some.  However, for me this was an issue that made me extremely nervous.  I was always afraid I wouldn’t do it right.  Even though I had seen and heard people be led to the Lord countless times in church, I still questioned myself on how to do it.  To be honest, I hadn’t had much experience personally on how to lead someone to Christ.  I had only led my kids through the prayer and a couple of their little friends (it’s a lot less threatening with kids for some reason!).

One time though, I had the opportunity to lead a very special friend through the process.  Talk about being a hot mess!  I was terrified.  This was the most important decision that they would ever make in their life, and I didn’t want to screw them up.  We said a prayer out loud together (I had them repeat after me).  To be completely honest, I really don’t even know what I said because I was such a nervous wreck.  In my efforts to make sure we did it correctly, I pulled out my iPhone, opened my Bible app, and read Romans 10:9.  Then, I googled how to lead someone to Christ just to double check!  I know…I’m a goofball sometimes! 🙂  I felt a lot better because it really was as easy as it seemed.  For some reason though, it just didn’t seem like it should be that easy.

In an effort to help you, should you ever find yourself in this situation, I would like to share with you how to lead someone to Christ.  Feel free to bookmark this page!

To receive salvation the Bible clearly spells out what you need to do in Romans 10:9 (ESV):

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

I also like the New Living Translation of the following verse (Romans 10:10):

“For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.”

Simple as that…Here are the steps to be saved:

  • First, Confess with your mouth (say out loud) that “Jesus is my Lord”
  • Next, Believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead
  • Then, You will be saved

How to Lead Someone to Christ:

  1. First, read Romans 10:9-10 to them (show them the verse either in a bible, on a smartphone, etc.).
  2. Next, let them know that they must believe in their heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth to die for our sins in our place and that God raised him from the dead.
  3. Then, let them know that they must confess, or say out loud, that “Jesus is my Lord”.
  4. Finally, pray with them.

Here is an example prayer that you can say out loud with them (have them repeat a few words at a time after you):

Dear God,

I know that I am a sinner, and I admit it.   I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Jesus is Your Son and that He died on the cross for my sins.  Jesus, please forgive me for my sins and come into my heart and life and become my personal Lord and Savior.  Thank you for hearing my prayer and for saving me.  I am saved!

How to Lead Someone to Christ steps

Next Steps

Being saved or receiving salvation is only the first step. To follow this decision up, people need to be baptized. (Read more about the need for baptism and meanings behind it here)  Furthermore, people also need to take additional steps like finding a church home, establishing/growing a relationship with God by daily quiet times/bible reading, finding a good Christian support system, etc. Click here to read more about the next steps that a person needs to take after being led to Christ.

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18 thoughts on “How to Lead Someone to Christ

    1. Ruth

      I needed these words just now. I was really heavy hearted and alone. Somehow mymind had hidden these truths. Thank you for “waking me up” l feel safe again and pray sincerely that I will have the opportunity to use you guide to help another come to our Lord. God bless you as your words have blessed me. Ruth

      1. Tracy Robbins Post author

        Oh my goodness…it’s MY pleasure! Honestly I needed to hear your words too. It’s unbelievable how many nasty, negative, and rude comments people send. Thank you so much for your encouragement. 🙂 And I too pray that you will have the opportunity to lead someone (or many someones) to Jesus!

  1. Claudia Moore

    Tracy thank you for this pin! This pin has been repined by more people on my Pinterest than any other ! Wonderful!! To know that so many people want to know. Praise GOD!!!

    1. Tracy Robbins Post author

      My pleasure! I’m also very excited that it’s being pinned so much. Just think…If all of them lead to someone receiving Christ, that’s thousands of people!

  2. Niki

    Thank you Tracy! I too feel so overwhelmed and nervous like I’m going to screw it up. I would totally google it like you. So thankful I found this, thankful for you! 😀

  3. linda

    Hi Tracy! i thank God for using you to explain an issue i have dealing with as a believer since i got saved it haunts me daily, i always beat myself up by saying how come i never lead anyone to Christ and Ive been saved for years. i give out tracks, but i feel so inadaquate sometimes. i wonder if its enough? But thank you for giving such vital info on this issue. i can relate to how you felt, i share those same feelings. God bless you Sister! May He continue to use you for His glory, simple as it may seem, it helps others.

    1. Tracy Robbins Post author

      Thanks Linda! That’s exactly why I wrote this post…in case there was anyone out there like me that needed either a little help or reassurance like I did. My prayer IS that it’s helpful for others…so you are an answered prayer for me. 😊

  4. Lynn

    Praise God for you Tracy! We all need to be bold and stop taking it personal it isn’t about us it is about connecting them (others) to their Lord and Savior. Helping them create an everlasting relationship with God!

  5. Latia

    This was perfect confirmation for me! Thank you! I’ve used this scripture and method with most people I led to the Lord. Lately I wondered if it was enough but coming across this was amazing. The Bible is clear and to be saved is simpler than most believe.

    God Bless you Lynn!

  6. Quinetta

    Thank you so much for this. I needed this. I’ve been a born again Christian for 8 years now. This past Sunday in church, I had the opportunity to pray over someone and I froze. I know how to pray and have even written and preached on how to pray, but, when it comes to praying for others in front of people, I get scared. Like you, I’m afraid I’m gonna mess up. As far as bringing people to Christ, I know how easy it is, but it just seems like it’s a lot when it’s not. Thank you once again.

    1. Tracy Robbins Post author

      Hi Quinetta!
      Thanks for your comment…it’s comforting to me too to know that others experience some of the same apprehensions. Makes me feel less crazy to know I’m not alone! 🙂 I think that’s why it’s good to talk about things and be transparent because we can help/encourage each other. If it makes you feel any better, praying in front of others gets easier. I was kind of freaking out a bit when I had to start praying it in front of a group of women in a class I teach at a local women’s ministry. My Moms in Prayer group helped too. It’s a piece of cake now! Well, large conferences are still a little intimidating. 😉

  7. Ashley

    Thank you for this simple sweet reminder how easy it really is. Often times one struggles thinking they are not capable. When actually it’s this easy. I encourage all to be confident in Christ. He will lead you through.

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