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Lessons from Barabbas at Easter

Learn the symbolism of Barabbas in the Easter story

Lessons from Barabbas at Easter

I’m super excited about this week’s post! Although, it’s a bit delayed due to taking some extra liberty and time with some extended research. In fact, I went all “college professor” on this one, even researching some books and scholarly articles to examine some history and expert opinions. With this being Easter Week or Holy Week, I’d like to share a bit of what I learned about Barabbas.

Not long ago Pastor Brent Troxell, one of the pastors at my church, gave a mini-message of sorts before we took communion together at church. In less than 5 minutes, he spoke something so profound that impacted me as much as an hour long sermon. He shared part of the crucifixion story, specifically about Barabbas, in a way I’ve never heard before. It made such an impact on me that I made a note to go and study it further on my own, which is what I’ve done over the past week.

Pontius Pilate was convinced of Jesus’ innocence

After Jesus was arrested, questioned, and falsely accused by the Jewish authorities, he was handed over the next day to Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea (Matthew 27:1-2, Mark 15:1, Luke 23:1-2, John 18:28-29). Pilate questioned Jesus and was convinced that Jesus was innocent (Matthew 27:23-24, Mark 15:14, Luke 23:4, 13-16, John 18:38).

Paschal Pardon

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Name Meanings: How Is Your Name Prophetic?

Name Meanings: How Is Your Name Prophetic?

Name Meanings: How Is Your Name Prophetic?

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches…” Proverbs 22:1 (ESV)

Most people love seeing their name.  Personalized items are always in demand.  However, did you know that your name and your name meanings might have a lot more to do with your life than you think?  Your name meanings might actually describe some of your character traits and/or the traits that God will use in you to accomplish His will for your future.  When your parents named you they may have not even had name meanings in mind (I don’t think my parents did–I was named after a horse!), but that doesn’t mean that God didn’t have the name meanings in mind.  God very well may have inspired them to choose your exact name.  God knew your name and had a plan in mind for you before you were even born!

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:5 (NLT)

“Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began.” Psalm 139:16 (HCSB) 

We’ve been talking recently about fighting some of the fears that we face (previous posts here and here).  One of the things I didn’t mention is that I often use my name meanings to help me fight fear from time to time.  The name “Tracy” means “courageous” , “brave” or “warrior” (maybe that’s why the horse was named Tracy 🙂 ).  It may seem a little silly, but more often than not that little bit of information has been enough for me to give myself a boost to stand up to my fear and to do things afraid.  I will say to myself, “Your name means courageous and brave.  You can do this.”  My middle name is “Jeannette” which means “grace of God”.  I have also experienced not only God’s grace in my life, but I believe that God has graciously given me the ability to have grace with others.  I look back on my life and honestly have a hard time comprehending how I made it through certain times.  I have had ability and power to make it through situations that I ordinarily would never be able to handle.  God’s grace was evident in my life.

I have read and heard many times that names are prophetic.  Often the meanings behind the name are manifested in our lives in some way or another at some point.  Name meanings can play out throughout the course of our lives and even after.  There are countless examples in the bible of just that.  Names in biblical times were very important because they often indicated a person’s character or traits.  Take Isaac’s son, Jacob for example.  His name means Continue reading