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A Prayer For Lost Hope: Follow This Example of How to Write a Prayer Based Off of Scripture

A Prayer For Lost Hope: Follow This Example of How to Write a Prayer Based Off of Scripture

A Prayer For Lost Hope: Follow This Example of How to Write a Prayer Based Off of Scripture

I received a nice comment recently on a blog post for a prayer for those who make bad choices. The reader mentioned as a person who struggles with prayer, she was enjoying fill-in-the blank prayers.

It was a nice confirmation to hear that because I had actually been thinking lately that I need to start writing some more of those. I have always loved Stormie Omartian’s prayers like this (i.e. Power of a Praying Wife, Power of a Praying Husband, Power of a Praying Parent, Power of a Praying Grandparent, etc.). If you have never read or used any of her material I HIGHLY recommend it.

I thought today I would take you through the process of how I come up with and write these prayers. It’s easy! Anybody can do it. I’ll show you how by giving you an example of writing a prayer for lost hope.

Take the Same Practical Steps I Take in Order to Write a Prayer Based Off of Scripture with this example of A Prayer for Lost Hope:

Step 1-Decide what I need to pray for and make a list of specifics.

For example, I pray for my students in my college classes each semester. Sometimes there seems to be a theme of what I’m praying for a particular group of students. This semester the word that keeps coming to mind for this group is “hope”. I get a feeling that many of them lack a sense of hope or that they feel hopeless. Therefore, some specifics I’d like to pray for them are:

  • That God would give them a sense of hope
  • I want them to see a hope in me, something that they desire, and I’d even like them to ask me about it, giving me an opportunity to tell them why I can hope even in seemingly hopeless situations
  • That they can see a hope in their future and that they don’t give up

Step 2-Find verses and promises in the bible that correlate with the specifics that I want to pray.

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Prewritten Prayers Are Not Less Heartfelt

Learn how Prewritten Prayers Are Not Less Heartfelt...

Prewritten Prayers Are Not Less Heartfelt

I mentioned previously that I get some negative comments and emails from time to time. One that I had received was criticizing a post that I had written on how to pray for your unsaved loved ones. I had made an image graphic where you could just plug in a name into prewritten prayers. It’s been pretty popular on Pinterest which is where this particular individual ran across it.

This person claimed to be an atheist and found my image/prayer offensive. Since engaging in debates and arguments like this are not typically very productive, I didn’t respond to their comment. I just deleted it (per my policy). However, there was a statement this person had made about prewritten prayers that I wanted to address here. An accusation like this could cause some people to question whether their prayer is truly genuine. So I’d like to share my two cents on the matter to hopefully alleviate some doubts.

“Prewritten prayers are hardly from the heart.

This commenter stated “Prewritten prayers are hardly from the heart.” I think that there might be a lot of people who would buy into this theory. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT. Therefore, I would like to address why prewritten prayers are not only okay but often beneficial.

Memorized and recited prayers can indeed be less than heartfelt at times. However, that does not mean that they are automatically or always lacking sincerity. Just because somebody else wrote the words doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the exact same way. Sometimes I can look at a prayer and think, “that describes my thoughts and feelings exactly”. 

Prewritten prayers have changed MY life

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How to Pray: Be Specific, Bold, Expectant, and Thankful

There are some things a lot of people leave out in their prayer life. Learn how to pray by being specific, bold, expectant, and thankful in your prayers.

How to Pray: Be Specific, Bold, Expectant, and Thankful

This week we’re still on the topic of prayer.  Previously we discussed some of the reasons to pray, places/times to pray and some examples of how to pray (here and here).  I’d like to continue discussing more on how to pray by being specific, bold, expectant, and thankful in our prayers.  These are some things I’ve learned over the years that I think a lot of people either leave out or are negligent in doing in their prayer life.

I’m so very thankful for my pastor teaching us these principles of prayer over the years.  These principles work.  Because I’ve learned these things and have put them into practice in my life, I have experienced a very powerful and effective prayer life.  My husband, Eric, was even joking with me the other day about my prayers getting answered.  A song that gets on my nerves came on the radio, and I made a face at him and groaned.  Then a few seconds after that the radio just went silent, and Eric said “Did you pray for that to happen?”  I replied with a smirk, “No, but I’m glad that you recognize the power of my prayers!”  If you will put these principles of how to pray into practice, you too will have a powerful and effective prayer life.

How to Pray: Be specific when making requests of God and include scripture.

I learned early on from my pastor that God wants us to be specific in our prayers and when approaching Him with our needs.  We shouldn’t just go to God listing all of our problems.  We should tell Him how we want Him to help.  When we are requesting something of God, we need to state our specific request.  I heard Kenneth Copeland say once that if you’re praying for “nothing in particular” that’s just about what you’re gonna get!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

The New Living Translation says “tell God what you need”.  I think it’s also important to remind God of His Word and promises.  In other words, find a scripture or a promise in the bible to back up what you are asking for.  God wants us to remind Him.  In fact, He tells us to do so—to put Him in remembrance…

Put me in remembrance; let us argue together; set forth your case, that you may be proved right.” Isaiah 43:26 (ESV)

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