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Is Your Work Ethic Turning People Away From Jesus?

Is Your Work Ethic Turning People Away From Jesus?  Or are you representing him well?

Is Your Work Ethic Turning People Away From Jesus?

Occasionally, I will get students in my classes that openly profess their faith and Christianity. I think that’s great. That’s not the problem I have with them. The problem I have is how they behave after that. Unfortunately a few of them have displayed a lack of integrity in their work ethic.

They profess to be Christians, but then consistently show up to class late or even miss class on a regular basis. There is little to no effort put into assignments. Apathetic and lazy attitudes are apparent in class and in work and effort put forth. Procrastination is a regular practice.  Occasionally there is a disregard for authority.  Sometimes they’ll even say that they don’t really care about college, our particular class, or even a specific lesson because they don’t see the benefit of it or don’t feel they are learning anything new. These types of comments are often accompanied with know-it-all attitudes (that’s for a whole separate post though!).

Part of me wants to shake them or smack them across the head and say “Stop telling people you are a Christian!!! You are doing more harm than good! What nonbeliever would ever want to be like you or have what you have to offer if that’s what it looks like? You’re bad marketing. You’re a bad image of Jesus. Your work ethic DOES NOT represent Jesus well.”

We might be the only ‘Jesus’ people see

I think that’s the thing that a lot of people don’t understand. We are a walking representation of Jesus Christ. Someone told me once, “You might be the only ‘Jesus’ people see.” This was a life lesson I had to personally learn many years ago. In my situation it was in a job that I hated with people I disliked. I had to learn to work with excellence and have outstanding work ethic. I had to learn to do my job as unto the Lord (as if He were my boss) and to be a Christ-like example to others who may not ever get the chance to see one.

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