Hello! My name is Tracy J. Robbins. I share life skills for success to be Happy, Healthy & Prosperous and how to practically apply God's Word in everyday, real-life situations at HappyHealthyandProsperous.com.


About Happy, Healthy & Prosperous

Hi, I’m Tracy J. Robbins! Welcome to Happy, Healthy & Prosperous, a place where I share life skills for success to be happy, healthy & prosperous and how to practically apply God’s Word in everyday, real-life situations.  If you are looking for a place where you can read from an expert that has it all figured out, you should probably look somewhere else! You will not find perfection here.  What you WILL find is that I’m probably a lot like you. You may relate to my stories, analogies, mistakes, and victories. They may be different than some of your struggles, but you’ll find that the process of overcoming them is much the same.  What you will hear from me comes from a place where grace overcame (and STILL overcomes) my trials and where my messes became a message.  My hope is that here, you will find the voice of a friend.  I typically post twice a week with a teaching post on Tuesday (aka Teach-it Tuesday) and a Funny Friday.


The Personal

I am a Christian, wife, mother, teacher, and writer.  I have been married to my dashing, yet ruggedly handsome husband, Eric, for 18 years.  He is the love of my life.  Our marriage is not perfect, but we draw out the best of each other (sometimes we’re kind of like sandpaper and we buff each other’s rough edges).  Together we have two beautiful children.  Our son is 13 years old, and our daughter is 10.  They are awesome kids and they give me a lot of practice on learning to TRULY behave like Jesus (because a lot of times I don’t!—but God’s not finished with me yet!).  I am the oldest of five children—I have two sisters and two twin brothers.  I stay actively involved in serving at my home church, Church on the Move, in Tulsa, OK where I’ve attended for about 26+ years.  I LOVE my church!  Some of my hobbies/things I enjoy include gardening, cooking, natural/DIY projects, playing board games, hiking, geocaching, hanging out on my hammock, and going to the lake. I have a passion for travel! In fact I would love someday to combine teaching and traveling (it’s a win-win for me!).  I also adore animals—We have two adorable, very spoiled dogs: a Black “Labradog” (as my daughter used to say) named Daisy and a Beagle mix named Lucy.  They are balls of energy and love!

The Practical

To show you bit of what my personality is like you can review the list below (or just check out my Pinterest boards…I find that you can learn a lot about a person by what they pin!).  By the way, I didn’t come up with this list completely on my own—I actually surveyed some of my closest friends and family.

  • I love Jesus.
  • According to my hair stylist (and several of my friends), I am “real” or “genuine”.  I take this as a huge compliment.  I can’t stand being around namby-pamby fake people!
  • I’m a very practical person, and I prefer practical teaching.  My philosophy is “don’t just tell me WHAT I need to do, tell me HOW to do it and give me some feasible, tangible steps to do so.”  Because of this, that’s also my goal and hope for my own writing and teaching.
  • I am a rule-follower (sometimes to a fault)…this annoys my husband.
  • I am a problem-solver, but thanks to my sister (my closest friend aside from my husband) I’ve learned that sometimes people just need to vent and don’t need a problem solved! On a positive note though, this also means that I love helping people.
  • I have a heart for people that are hurting (I had to revise this comment because apparently “I have a heart for hurting people” might be taken the wrong way! 🙂 oops!)
  • I have a huge sense of empathy…I tend to feel what others are feeling. If you are down, I am down with you. If you are celebrating, I am celebrating with you.
  • I’m a lifelong learner–always reading, listening to and learning new things to improve.
  • I love delving into and researching God’s Word.  If not careful, I can get lost for hours doing this.
  • I jokingly say I’m a podcast fiend! I’m partially a kinesthetic learner so I enjoy learning while I’m moving (on a walk, gardening, cleaning the house, etc.). I often assign some of my favorite podcasts to my students to supplement my lessons.  I’ll share some of my favorites here as well from time to time.
  • I’m very loyal, diligent and hard-working.
  • I’m a little bit goofy sometimes, but I enjoy making people laugh (even if it’s not on purpose).
  • I am a friend.

The Professional

If you’re the type that likes credentials, I’ll give you some of my professional background and qualifications here.  [As a caution, however, please don’t ever discount someone with a message due to their lack of qualifications or credentials on paper—ESPECIALLY yourself.  God used (and still uses) some of the most unqualified people to accomplish His tasks and goals.]  I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in French, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree.  I always considered myself a skilled, goal-driven and charismatic professional with experience in leadership, management, customer service and higher education (both staff and faculty).  I’ve had the privilege of having success in these arenas from managing corporate retail stores that ranked #1 in their districts and even among the top stores in their companies to developing and implementing new academic programs and practices that are still being used successfully to this day.  I quit working full-time to be able to stay at home with my kids, and I have loved every minute of it (well, almost every minute).  I have taught a success strategies class for the past several years at a local community college.  I also teach life skills and success strategies at a local women’s ministry in Tulsa, OK–Glory House.   I truly appreciate that I get to do what I love (teach, write and speak) while still being able to make my family a priority and spend quality time with them.

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